Root Canal

Root Canal therapy is a treatment that removes the nerve from the inside of a tooth. The nerve is found in a space (canal system) inside the tooth and root. A root canal is usually done because one of these reasons:

  1. A cavity is so deep that it has reached the nerve or is close to the nerve. The nerve then dies and can get infected.

  2. A filling is done on a deep cavity that was close to the nerve. The nerve may die and can get infected.

  3. A tooth is traumatized (either physically, thermally, or chemically) – the nerve dies.

  4. A CROWN needs to be placed on the tooth but there is not enough natural tooth structure for the crown to sit on. An elective root canal is then done to be able to place a retaining post and build a foundation that the crown can sit on.

Sometimes when a tooths nerve dies, it can get infected. Sometimes, even with the infection, no discomfort is felt because the body’s immune system constantly fights it. This can go on for years and years, and then suddenly the tooth can get abscessed and painful. Other times, the infection and discomfort starts right after the nerve dies. The nerve dying, the infection, and the discomfort can all happen at different times.

After a root canal, the tooth becomes very dry and brittle. We usually recommend placement of a crown to help protect teeth that have undergone root canal therapy.

If you think you need a root canal, we would be glad to give you all the options for treatment at a consultation appointment.


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